FreightGuru offers flatbed freight service to and from US. With their extensive partner network, they are able to offer a large variety of trailer types to meet your shipping needs through their contracts with various flatbed trucking companies and other specialized full truckload carriers that can assist with your heavy freight shipping needs. They can provide tarps of any nature, straps and chains to secure your freight and assure its safe arrival. Their staff is experienced in moving freight of all kinds. Not many flatbed freight brokers can offer instant rates for their flatbeds trucking services, but at FreightGuru they understand the importance of receiving your rate estimates in a timely manner.

FreightGuru has a well-trained team of experts who handle full and partial load shipments too heavy or bulky to fit in a box-type van trailer. They ship all types of steel, industrial machinery & equipment and most building materials. They source and coordinate the logistics of multiple flatbed and step deck freight moving projects such as industrial plant machinery relocation and inventory transfers. If you need to move large pieces of construction equipment or building supplies, flatbed freight is going to be the way to go for you. Safe, reliable, damage free freight moving at a fair price is what FreightGuru offers to their esteemed clients.

They offer driver pad-wrapped and secured, expedited shipping in our air ride, enclosed vans or on our flatbeds. Whether your shipment is oversize, overweight, or simply fragile and sensitive, our professional drivers and fully equipped trucks meet even the most exacting van and flatbed freight shipping requirements. When you need to ship something that is large or delicate or for other reasons cannot use a traditional shipping method, flatbed freight can be a great solution. Timely, cost efficient, damage free freight shipping is their specialty. They can handle oversize and overweight loads, as well as normal flatbed shipping, and any permits and escort services needed. FreightGuru has made shipping flatbeds easy with our flatbed freight experts, specializing in dispatch, rating, and flatbed coverage. Start moving with FreightGuru will take care of your flatbed shipments from dispatch to delivery. They personally provide custom flatbed quotes as well as instant flatbed rates from the industry’s best flatbed carriers. Because we know where the trucks are we can provide the best flatbed quotes for your freight shipping. To get a free freight quote and to know more about flatbed freight visit or mail at

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