Knowing how to properly load a flatbed trailer is vital, read on to discover how and why you need to learn this simple task.Flatbed TrailersFlatbed trailers are the ideal piece of equipment for moving household appliances, furniture or anything else that's too heavy to carry any other way! The problem many people have when they purchase or hire a flatbed trailer is that they simply don't know how to properly load one. Not knowing how to load your flatbed trailer can result in serious injury and damage to your cargo.Why & How to Load Flatbed TrailersProperly loading your flatbed trailer is a must because of two reasons:To avoid injuryTo keep your cargo safeIf you follow a few simple rules you can keep your cargo perfectly safe whilst you transport from A to B.Make sure you read the vehicle specifications sticker on your trailer. This will tell you the maximum weight the flatbed trailer can haul - obviously never load more weight than the trailer can handle.Always place the heaviest item over the axles, and load this first. This will keep the flatbed trailer balanced with the weight centred and the axles being the strongest area.Distribute the weight evenly. Whilst this again is common sense, it is often forgotten!Secure your load properly with ratchet straps, and make sure you have enough to prevent your load from shifting or falling off!These are all obvious but are often forgotten. If you have a portion of your load that extends beyond the back of your flatbed trailer, tie a flag (red) to the back to let other motorists know to not drive too closely behind your flatbed trailer.Remember......when purchasing or renting a flatbed trailer make sure you use your common sense before loading. If in doubt, seek help from someone who has done it before!

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